Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Specialists

All classes in March and May will be rescheduled and registrations will be carried over to the new dates, to be set later.  Please be safe out there!
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Founded in 1998, Michigan Police Training is dedicated to traffic safety and a leading provider of training in commercial vehicle enforcement.  Conducted in small classroom settings, our courses include General Enforcement, Size & Weight Enforcement, CMV Inspections, CMV Officer Update, and CMV Awareness & Enforcement.
The instructors at Michigan Police Training are specialists in their areas of expertise and have many years of experience both on the road and in the classroom.  Our instructors have taught officers from many local agencies, county sheriff departments, federal agencies, and the Michigan State Police. 
We provide unlimited free phone support to students after training to ensure understanding and proper application of the laws, rules and regulations. 
All classes offered by Michigan Police Training are approved by the Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) and 302 funds may be used for classes and related training expenses.  Our instructors have received state and federal training, and are also approved by MCOLES. 
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